walking barefoot, smelling rain, to go without knowing the final direction, initiative, straightforwardness, openness, spontaneity, laughing, crying of happiness and dancing under the rain, basically living in the moment and enjoy it.
now you know who I am. 
I love people, I love real stories, I love taking pictures of happy people, I love taking pictures of sad people, I love dogs, I love to make a change, I love the world where we live, I love the country where I was born, I love the country where I live, I love children, I love to see people laughing, I love to dance, I love to travel, I love good music, I love reading, I love studying, I love helping, I love to inspire, I love to be inspired, I love to be with my family, I love to see the world is changing, I love the times we live in I 
photography is my passion for 5 years already. I use my imagination to create something new or making changes to something that already exists. Photo & Videography in the North Shore of Oahu helps me to follow my personal freedom and willingness to take risks. 

Anna Kreative



I worked with Anna as the leader of TEDxKazimierz events and conferences in Krakow, where she added a great value to them, making videos and taking pictures with her unique vision, showing a welcoming atmosphere of every event. She knows how to catch the right moment, and always brought a friendly positive attitude with her.


I had the pleasure to be working with Anna on several projects while she was in Krakow. I have initially contacted her after seeing the amazing photos she took for a TEDx event.

I own a marketing agency and some of my high-end clients were looking to get stunning and inspirational photos they could use in their social media channels and magazines. After having met a couple of times I have decided to start working with Anna and WOW.. couldn't have made a better decision! Anna sees things in a different way and thanks to her skills, attention to detail, and experience, she will make your business shine in a completely new light. Can't recommend her services more.

DAVIDE BERGAMINI / Social Horizon Marketing

Anna is absolutely lovely and joyful to work with. I had the opportunity to work with her at a business conference and personally on a film. I highly recommend Anna for both photography and videography. Anna adds a very creative element to her work/your project to give you the production style and final product that you’re after. She always finds a way to get the project done right and understands your needs.

My final product was better than expected. From music videos to documentaries, business conferences to important wedding functions, Anna has the capabilities, equipment, and creativity to deliver above your expectations and I highly recommend her for your creative needs.


Photographer, video artist, and tastemaker based in Krakow. Her storytelling videos are sophisticated and charming creations, presenting statements and products in a sensual modern way.

KATARZYNA SOSENKO / Sosenko Home Decor

The first time I met Anna, I didn’t know why but I knew we were gonna make projects together. 
A few months later, when I established my business, she naturally proposed creative and inspiring ideas for a photo session and short movies for Le Szapo Hat Shop. It resulted in a creation made with a delicate and artistic point of view, not forgetting the professional engagement.

BORIS GALL / Le Szapo Hat Shop