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Is home a destination? To have a home may not mean to feel at home. I am constantly looking for my home. And I am not the only one.

Perhaps you can feel at home without a house to live in, Perhaps you can have a house but not feel at home.

This photo project was prepared for the Interdisciplinary conference on the crisis of homelessness “Ludzie Bezdomni”. Neglected, sick, drunk, useless, dangerous, excluded. This is the strongest and most common image of homelessness worldwide. However, for many reasons it is not true. The conference along with the photo project was centred on a philosophical discussion what does homelessness mean; the event was inspired by a broader and more sensitive thinking how many forms homelessness has.

It was an opportunity to create an open dialogue among homeless people, local non-profits, polish representatives of the expert committee for homelessness prevention in Poland; religious leaders, and media channels as and Practical Medicine.



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