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Photography expanded my circle of awareness from simply meeting my own needs to extending my contributions to the world. I started thinking about ways I could pass on the gift Ive been given, the gift of creative expression. How might I inspire and empower others to pursue their own aspiration, or simply to share their stories.

I moved to Oahu, Hawaii listening to my creative calling and following passion. To reconnect with nature and create sustainable healthy and happy community around. I try to keep sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle that makes me cycling instead of driving the car; to be inspired for healthy cooking and create new original recipes instead of eating fast-food for example.

This particular project is a life-time project. I simply will not be able to come back to a lifestyle not plating trees, not helping local non-profits, not recycling or reuse, not contributing to our planet in a good way. Since I moved to Hawaii, I started to work with local organisations that are focused to protect, steward, and enhance the natural landscapes, cultural heritage and community city outreach to accomplish our mission.

During my first 4 months living on Oahu I am proud to say that I personally cleared approximately 5 acres of land from invasive species, planted 31 kukui trees, 65 Puakenikeni, 472 Akias, 5 native hibiscuses and 1 Ulu Tree, also organised 3 beach clean-ups.

This photo project was created for the local and international community to bring the awareness of climate change, to act now and make a change starting today. And in the end, we all live on the same planet. I encourage the conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption and reuse of all products and packaging without discharges to land, water or air. I believe that helping locally and make a positive change in your community is a good place to start.


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