Money, hate & too little love. It is a never-ending story. I want to pass my message, what I feel, and what I learned, to pass it to you. You will pass it to someone else. This is how humans work. Let's spread more passion, love, understanding, equality, and respect. I want to show you shadows. Shadows can have a different form: poverty, manipulation, war, plastic pollution, or fight for human rights. These forms of shadows create barriers and fear. I look at this reality through my lens documenting untold stories. I am a photographer and videographer near you who photographs and films social problems. Currently based on Oahu, Hawaii. 


I am a scientist in the process of discovery. I live a conscious life of helping people in my local and global community, and Mother Nature. I am an egoless altruist who lives an environmentally and mentally conscious life. My biggest inspiration is unique stories of regular people, and what they believe in. It is a blog on my projects around the topic of homelessness, environment & sustainability, loneliness, restoration & conservation of the dying culture.

This is my blog on social activism projects I do in Hawaii & around the world.