Money, hate & too little love. It is a never-ending story. I want to pass my message, what I feel, and what I learned. to pass it to you. You will pass it to someone else. This is how humans work. Let's spread more passion, love, understanding, equality, and respect. In this series of photographs wanted to show you shadows. Shadows can have a different form: poverty, manipulation, war, plastic pollution, or fight for human rights. These forms of shadows create barriers and fear. I look at this reality through my lense documenting untold stories.


I am a scientist in the process of discovery. I live a conscious life of helping people in my local and global community, and Mother Nature. I am an egoless altruist who lives an environmentally and mentally conscious life traveling around the world and creating my own community with down TO Earth people looking for down FOR Earth collaborations. 

From video and photo production on the North Shore of Oahu, freelance collaborative photography and videography projects to creative storytelling technics and post-production work. My biggest inspiration is unique stories of regular people, and what they believe in, in particular projects around the topic of homelessness, environment, loneliness, and happiness. 


interested in urbanism, photo/cinematography, co-existence of human & AI in the modern world, healthy living, nature, self-growth, psychogeography, traveling, history, human behavior.




honesty, straightforwardness, openness, respect towards other races, genders, sexual orientations, religions; diversity, creativity, and courage.




 altruism / antifragility / feminism /